Press release – AI on a Social Mission Conference – 2018 edition

1st conference on AI on a Social Mission in Montreal, January 25th-26th Super Heroes or Killer Robots: What’s our Artificial Intelligence going to be? Montreal, January 9th, 2018: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to be human right’s best advocate as well as its worst enemy. It can either help us reach sustainable development goals or, to […]

Recommendations 2018 – Part 2 The role of education in the implementation of AI (French only for now)

Lors de la conférence Intelligence Artificielle en Mission Sociale, tenue les 25 et 26 janvier derniers, de petits groupes multidisciplinaires se sont penchés sur l’implantation éthique de l’intelligence artificielle (IA) au sein de notre société. Chaque groupe de discussion était facilité par un membre de l’équipe de IA en mission sociale qui a soigneusement récolté les recommandations des participants […]

Recommendations 2018 – Part 1 AI Governance and Policy

AI can be used for social good, but citizens need to be part of the dialogue around which values we want embedded into AI policies and systems. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to be human rights’ best advocate and its worst enemy. Either it can help us reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or, to […]