Just like the inaugural edition, this second edition of AI on a Social Mission is a major conference on social impact of AI in Montreal. Start ups and NPOs will explain how they use artificial intelligence for their social mission. They will also share with us their experience as a start up or non-profit with a social mission and their dreams for AI and social good.

This is your voice on a fair and sustainable implementation of AI.

Presentations and panels are available on our YouTube channel

AIIA-AI on a Social Mission Channel

January 2018 edition*

*2019 program to be finalised soon

Montreal, January 25th, 26th, 2018

Keynote Speakers

Meet some of our keynote speakers. A surprise still to come.

Yoshua Bengio

Yoshua Bengio

Professor at University of Montreal, IT and Operational Research, Co-Founder of Element AI and Director at MILA.

Kathryn Hume

Kathryn Hume

VP, Product and Strategy at Integrate.AI

Karim Benyekhlef

Karim Benyekhlef

Professor, Law Depertement at University of Montreal, Director of Cyberjustice Lab.


Jean-Martin Aussant

Jean-Martin Aussant

Executive Director, Chantiers de l’économie sociale

Carole Piovesan

Carole Piovesan

Associate, AI and the Law, McCarthy Tétrault

Eleonore Fournier-Tombs

Eleonore Fournier-Tombs

Finance Director,
Aifred Health

Karina Kasserwan

Lawyer, Indigenous Law, Kesserwan Arteau

Jean-Noé Landry

Social entrepreneur, Executive Director, Open North

Gabrielle Paris Gagnon

Avocate, Propulsio

Tina Groves

Director, Data for Good. Portfolio Strategy, Analytics, IBM 

Catherine Légaré

Catherine Légaré

Founder and Director, Academos

Betty Ferreira

Founder and Executive Director, Restructure.ca

Leslie L. Cheung

Leslie L. Cheung

Partnership Development Director, Powered by Data

Marc-André Roberge

Social entrepreneur, Nectar

Roberta Voulon

Founder and President, Talent incubator Les Pitonneux

Jonatan Bouchard

Jonatan Bouchard

Data Analysis and Strategy Director, Sunlife Financial.

Kai-Hsin Hung

External Collaborator, ITC ILO

Mehdi Merai

CEO, Data Performers

Patrick Dubé

Director, Maison de l’innovation sociale

Christiane Saad

Co-Director, Law Faculty, Ottawa University

Laurence Dauphinais

Actor and Co-Creator, Dialogues avec Siri

Maxime Carbonneau

Co-Creator, Dialogues avec Siri

Social Mission Pitches

Start ups and non-profit organizations that use AI to support their social mission

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