As every year, Professor Yoshua Bengio will report on the evolution of AI and its implications for society. 

Note the important intervention of Me Audrey Murray, President of the Commission of Labour Market Partners, on the future of skills and the future of work in a period of digital transformation and economic recovery, as well as the thought-provoking presentations regarding the design of our future with : 

  • Dialogos, our partner in Chile that uses AI to increase the voice of citizens
  • Mr. Jacques Rajotte, Acting Director of the recently announced Global Partnership in Artificial Intelligence and the Global AI Centre of Expertise (Canada); 
  • William Urichio, founder of the MIT Open Doc Labs on AI and the future of our stories; 
  • Anna Jobin PhD (Switzerland) on the global landscape of the ethical frameworks of AI; 
  • Angeline Wairegi PhD, from the Centre for Intellectual Property in IT (Kenya), human rights and socio-economic implications;
  • Kimani Goddard PhD (Switzerland) on IP protection in investment agreements and the effects on international property standards, and as a bonus “how to support the monetization of “grassroot” initiatives;
  • Sandra Gaudenzi PhD (England) on artificial intelligence and human stupidity ; 
  • Professor and artist Steve DiPaloa with demonstrations in algorithmic art in support of human rights;
  • Ms. Nathalie Bondil, museologist and curator, on the role of the arts in social transformation
  • Ms. Kate Arthur, CEO, Kids Code Jeunesse, on the role of education and digital literacy.

Finally, the programming includes flash presentations by artists and AI start-ups that contribute to economic recovery and the achievement of United Nations sustainable development goals. 

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Below is our 2019 program